Medals & Halos – Mighty Totara

Medals & Halos

Our commitment: New Zealand's best finisher medal.

The Mighty Totara Finisher Medal

Getting around even one lap of the Mighty Totara is a demanding achievement which calls for an appropriate reward. We promise that you will find the Mighty Totara commemorative medal to hit the high watermark in each of the following important attributes:

  • Stunning Design
    The team at Running Events call upon decades of design experience in creating this beauty.
  • Generous Proportions
    The Mighty Totara medal is - literally - a "handful". Wield with care.
  • Suitable "Heft"
    Time to hit the gym? The Mighty Totara medal will tax your neck muscles with it's weight.

Every participant who completes at least one lap of the Mighty Totara will receive the stunning Mighty Totara finisher medal. You earned this!


Mighty Totara achievement Halos are a unique and compelling reason to convince yourself you are ready to take on ... One More Lap.

Backyard Ultra Halos
Backyard Ultra participants have the opportunity to earn one of three possible Halos, with the prestige (and the size!) of the halo increasing with each level of achievement.

  • The 50K Halo is awarded to all athletes who complete Lap 8 - meaning they have covered a total of 53.6km ...
  • They go on to complete Lap 15 - with the odometer now ticking into the magical 3 digits with 100.2km complete  - and collect the beautiful 100K Halo ...
  • One (or more) legend sees this thing out to the very end and completes all 24 laps. That would mean this warrior has compeleted the extraordinary total of ONE HUNDRED MILES, earning them the outrageous 100 mile Halo.

Important! The 100 mile Mighty Totara Halo has never been awarded. Will that change in 2024?

Just Run Halos
You don't need to be in the Backyard Ultra to earn one of these magnificent Mighty Totara Halos. All finishers in the Twilight Marathon and 50k Ultramarathon will receive a race specific Halo to commemorate their amazing achievement.

Are you ready to make one yours?

... join us for the next Mighty Totara and put one of these beautiful medals on your Hero Wall.