Getting There & Parking – Mighty Totara

Getting There & Parking


Totara Park is located in Manukau City on the eastern side of the Southern Motorway. The southern border of the park ajoins the Auckland Botanic Garden. Because it is so large, the park has several entrances which are some distance apart, so choose carefully to ensure you arrive at the right spot for your parking and access requirements.

Those who are staying in Tent City are allocated a single space in the venue car park. See below for access instructions. For everyone parking outside the venue, be sure to allow plenty of time for a 5-10 minute walk from the edge of the park to the Event Base.

Important! To avoid the general public bringing vehicles into the park, the access point on Calluna Crescent will not be signposted. Follow the simple instructions on this page to access the site.

Tip: If you are unfamiliar with the venue, set your GPS to...

23 Calluna Cres, Totara Heights

... and use the concrete path opposite to access the venue.

Parking & Access Map

The Parking & Access Map shows the locaton of the Event Base, Venue Car Park and routes into the vebue. The red higlighted area is for those choosing to park on the western side of the venue and who don't mind a steep walk downhill to the HQ. If you prefer an easier graded walk in and the use of the official Totara Park car park, head for the area highlighted in blue to the south of the venue.

For those in Tent City, vehicular access to the venue is via the red dotted path on the map.


Car Parking in the venue car park is allocated on the basis of ONE TENT CITY SITE = ONE VENUE CAR PARK SPACE. This is because those in Tent City will be ferrying a significant amount of camping gear as well as food, drink, clothing and other supplies to see them through the night.

As vehicular access to the venue requires driving on the course, we want to keep vehicle movements within the park to an absolute minimum. Therefore, all other participants should use one of the two suggested off-site parking areas and take the 5-10 minute walk into Event HQ. 

Access to/from Venue Car Park is open only as follows:
Friday: 5:00pm -> 9:00pm
Saturday: 5:00am -> 7:30am

Important! There is no access INTO the venue from 7:30am Saturday onwards.

Departure from the Venue Car Park is available as follows:
Saturday: 2:05pm -> 9:15pm
Sunday: from 6:15am

Important! Exit at other times is at the discretion of Race Crew. Ask at Race HQ if urgent.