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Team Relay


If you aren't quite ready to hit the trail every hour, on the hour then why not get some help from your friends! There are multiple options for duration (6 Hours, 12 Hours or 24 Hours) and team size (2-person, 4 person or 6 person). All team events start at 8am Saturday and team members pass an ankle strap - with timing tag embedded - to their next team member who starts their lap immediately (no waiting for the next hour). The winning team is the one who record most laps!

All teams racing over 12 or 24 hours get a place in Tent City as well an on-site parking spot and there's a finisher medal for each team member. The team categories promise to be hotly contested with a trophy and bragging rights up for grabs in each category. Get amongst it!

Important! Teams events do not follow the Backyard Ultra format. Team members pass the "baton" (your team ankle strap) to their next runner, who begins their lap immediately.

Important! Team results are based on the total number of laps completed within the time limit. Incomplete laps are not counted and the finish time of the last completed lap is used for tie-breakers.

Grab Your Mates & Get Running!



Saturday morning.


?? km

6.7km per lap


24 hrs

12 Hour / 6 Hour



Run Maximum Laps

 The Course

The Team Relay will set off on the Day Time Course and remain there until Lap 13 ((8pm), where we will switch you to the Night Time Course (the first lap of the night time course is covered in daylight hours to get you used to the changes). The Night Time Course stays in effect until Lap 23 (6am Sunday morning) when we switch back to the Day Time course. 12-hour and 6-hour teams will race on the Day Time Course exclusively.


Race Info at a Glance

The Basics

Race Last One Standing (Backyard Ultra)
Event Date Saturday November 30th
Start Time 08:00am
Time Limit 6 Hours | 12 Hours | 24 Hours
Distance 6.7km per lap. Complete as many laps as possible within the time limit.
Tickets & Fees See here page

Event Base

Location Totara Park [click for google pin to start line]
Access & Parking See the dedicated Getting There & Parking page.
Toilets Portaloos will be located opposite the Start/Finish line in the communal rest area.
Overnight Stay A place in Tent City is available to for 12 Hour and 24 Hour teams. See the dedicated Tent City page for more information.

On Course

Course Map Race on Day Time Course | except, from 8pm -> 5:30am, 24 hour teams race on Night Time Course
Directions Look out for our directional arrows at all turns and intersections. There are no marshals on course and we reccommend carrying a mobile phone at all times in case you get lost or encounter another issue.
Overtaking Please be courteous and move to the side on narrow trail sections when faster runners approach from behind. With backyarders, other relay runners and "Just Run" athletes on course, you are likely to be passed and pass other more often than you may expect.
Pedestrians & Dogs Please be respectful of other users of the park, they are entitled to be there just as much as you are. Look out for dog walkers and their four-legged sidekicks, particularly where the course skirts the Botanic Gardens, which is a designed dog walking area.
Toilets Portaloos at the event base can be accessed at the start and finish of each lap.
A well appointed set of modern public toilet block with three enclosed units is available in the picnic area near the park entrance (approx. 2km into the lap).
Aid Stations Teams - particularly those in Tent City - should bring enough food and drink with them to see them through the event. However,  unmanned refill station - for water only - is situated at the 4km mark (half way around the lap). We will make best efforts to keep this station fully stocked throughout the event but you should not plan your race nutrition around this.
Another refill station is available at the end of each lap where you can refill your bottles with water or PURE sport drink.
There are no cups provided at this event ... you must bring your own water containers.
Race Rules Teams must pass the timing ankle band from team member to team member in the Start/Finish area. For the best result, you should try to have one team member on course at all times, however, you can rest up if you want.
Teams of 6 may have either 5 or 6 team members. Teams of 4 may have either 3 or 4 team members.
You don't have to switch the timing band on every lap. A single team member may run two or more laps consecutively if they wish.
Due to the narrow tracks, we do not allow nordic poles in this event.
During Night Time rules, you must use a head torch and carry a mobile phone.
You must not be accompanied by any non-participant, with the exception of Night Time for safety- see here.

Awards & Results

Results 2024 results will be here and updated live throughout the event.
Scan the QR code on your race number to be taken directly to your personal result page.
Scoring Team rankings are calculated first on
1/ most laps completed ... and then on
2/ time taken for last lap.
Partial laps are not counted.
More details here.
Merit Awards Trophy for first placed teams in the 24 Hour race in the 6-Person and in the 4-Person divisions.
Trophy for first placed teams in the 12 Hour race in the 4-Person and in the 2-Person divisions.
Trophy for first placed team in the 6 Hour race.
Participation Awards Beautiful 2024 Mighty Totara medal to all team members who complete at least one lap.
More details here.

Is it time to get the band back together? ...

... mighty achievements happen at the Mighty Totara.