Video Showcase – Mighty Totara

Video Showcase


There's no better way than moving images to comunicate the beautiful scenery, the friendly atmosphere and the unique experience that is The Mighty Totara. Take a look through our video library to get an essence of this amazing event.

To find out what event weekend looks like, there's no better resource than the official Event Highlights video from the inaugural event in December 2023. If you're looking for a more in-depth exploration of the Mighty Totara course then take a look at our Course Tours (note: course tours will be updated to reflect 2024 course changes soon).

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2023 Event Highlights

Intense. Gruelling. Memorable. Joyful. Bloody. Lonely. Bloody lonely! Bloody hard. Bloody briliant! ... 

Whatever your personal experience of the 2023 Mighty Totara was, it's one you will probably keep with you when so many others have faded away. Here's just a small selection of moments from the amazing inaugural Mighty Totara.

Course Tours

Take a look at our course tours - in glorious 4k video - for the highlights of the Mighty Totara ...
Important! Our course tours are based on the 2023 day time course. Updated videos will follow soon.

Event Announcement

The excitement dial was turned up to 10 for Episode 4 of "The REV" - our Running Events video magazine - as we accounced our first new event for years. The Mighty Totara was on!