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Results & Scoring

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A link for the live results of the 2024 Mighty Totara will appear here during race week. Friends and family will be able to follow your progress and check  out how many laps you or your team have completed and the time taken for each lap.

Participants can also scan the QR code on their race number at any time to directly access their individual results page and check their progress.

See below for results of the past edition of the Mighty Totara.

2023 Mighty Totara

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With a unique format and an enormous variety in the individual races taking place in the Mighty Totara, we state here the exact criteria used to determina placings for each event.

Backyard Ultra

  1. Irrespective of the entry category nominated ("Last One Standing", "Backyard 10" or "Backyard 5") - all participants in the Backyard Ultra will appear in the results in the "Last One Standing" race.
  2. Placings in the Last One Standing will be sorted first by laps completed and then by the time taken on the final lap (which is used as a tie-breaker).
  3. If a participant in the Last One Standing fails to complete any lap within one hour then that lap shall not be included in their count of completed laps and no further laps shall be allowed.
  4. The Last One Standing trophy shall only be awarded when a single participant completes one lap more than any others. If more that one participant completes lap 24 - or more than one participant completes the last lap to be completed by anyone - then this trophy shall not be awarded (but individual champions by gender will still be recognised).

Just Run

  1. All Just Run events (50k Ultramarathon, Twilight Marathon and Sunrise Half Marathon) will be scored and ranked by GUN TIME only. Awards will be presented based on GUN TIME.


  1. Entrants in the relay events will be scored and ranked based on the time-limit for their race. Therefore, there will be one listing for "24 Hour Teams", one for "12 Hour Teams" and one for "6 Hour Teams".
  2. Within the 24 Hour and 12 Hour relay team races, results will further be ranking by Division. For the 24 Hour relay, divisions will be "6-PERSON" (for teams of 5-6) and "4-PERSON" (for teams of 3-4). For the 12 Hour relay, divisions will be "4-PERSON" (for teams of 3-4) and "2-PERSON" (for teams of 2).
  3. Relay teams will be ranked according to the total number of laps completed and then by the time taken on the final lap (which is used as a tie-breaker).

Participants are reminded that in any dispute, the Race Director's decision shall be final.